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Laurent Charignon
record_curses: fix ui bug for newly added file

With record's curses interface toggling and untoggling a newly added
file would lead to a confusing UI (the header was marked as partial
and the hunks as unselected). Tested additionally using the curses
interface with newly added, removed and modified files in a test repo.
Matt Mackall
import-checker: rotatecycle is actually the canonical cycle key

So refactor to drop cyclekey().
Matt Mackall
import-checker: make search algorithm non-recursive breadth-first

Breadth-first allows finding the shortest cycle including the starting
module. This lets us terminate our search early when we've discovered
shorter paths already. This gives a tremendous speed-up to the
cycle-finding portion of the test, dropping total runtime from 39s to
Matt Mackall
import-checker: drop set() from cyclekey()
Matt Mackall
import-checker: drop duplicate element from cycle

This will allow optimizing cyclekey creation
Matt Mackall
import-checker: fix rotatecycle

It was duplicating the last element sometimes.
Siddharth Agarwal
dirs.addpath: rework algorithm to search forward

This improves performance because it uses strchr rather than a loop.

For LLVM/clang version "Apple LLVM version 6.0 (clang-600.0.56) (based on LLVM
3.5svn)" on OS X, for a repo with over 200,000 files, this improves perfdirs
from 0.248 seconds to 0.230 (7.3%)

For gcc 4.4.6 on Linux, for a test repo with over 500,000 files, this improves
perfdirs from 0.704 seconds to 0.658 (6.5%).
Yuya Nishihara
changeset_printer: use changectx to get status tuple

log.parents() can't handle wdir() revision. Because repo.status() creates ctx
objects, there would be no benefit to get parent node from changelog.
Yuya Nishihara
changeset_printer: replace _meaningful_parentrevs() by changeset_templater's

Because changeset_printer needs pctx object anyway, there would be no benefit
to avoid creation of pctx in _meaningful_parentrevs().
Yuya Nishihara
changeset_printer: use context objects consistently to show parents

This prepares for merging changeset_printer._maningful_parentrevs() with
Yuya Nishihara
children: don't pass filectx to displayer

displayer doesn't want a fctx but a ctx. It failed with -Tdefault template.

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "mercurial/templatekw.py", line 212, in showbookmarks
        bookmarks = args['ctx'].bookmarks()
    AttributeError: 'filectx' object has no attribute 'bookmarks'
Matt Mackall
verify: add a note about a paleo-bug

In the very early days of hg, it was possible to commit /dev/null because our
patch importer was too simple. Repos from this era may still
exist, add a note about why we ignore this name.
Matt Mackall
cmdutil: remove some excess vertical whitespace
Matt Mackall
revert: move calculation of targetsubs earlier
Brett Cannon
hglib: declare hglib's Python version support (issue4520)
Brett Cannon
util: update doctests to work with bytes (issue4520)
Brett Cannon
util: make cmdbuilder work with bytes (issue4520)
Brett Cannon
tests: write out bytes instead of strings to test files (issue4520)
Brett Cannon
hglib: remove the user of str in hglib.context (issue5420)
Brett Cannon
hglib: make str(hglib.context.changectx) work with Python 3 (issue4520)
Brett Cannon
hglib: make sure hgclient.diff() works with bytes (issue4520)
Laurent Charignon
shelve: add interactive mode

This allows us to shelve selectively part of the changes of the workdir
Laurent Charignon
shelve: add interactive mode command line option
Laurent Charignon
record: change return value of recording code

It makes it easier to include interactive mode to more commands that
require to get a reference to the newly created node
Laurent Charignon
revert: fix --interactive on local modification (issue4576)

We were moving files during the backup phase and it was incompatible with the
way record/crecord is working