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test-contrib-perf: add smoke tests for perf.py
contrib/perf: perfparents handle filtered repos
contrib/perf: perfparents handle tiny repos

refuse to run if there are not enough commits
contrib/perf: fix perfmergecalculate

merge.calculateupdates requires an array of ancestors and followcopies
contrib/perf: fix perffncachewrite

fncache.write requires a transaction (and thus a lock)
contrib/perf: omit duplicated function
contrib/perf: name functions to match decorators
hghave.py: remove execute bit
Pierre-Yves David
format: create new repository as 'generaldelta' by default

Since we have pushed back the performance issue related to general delta behind
another configuration (Still off by default), we can safely create new
repository with general delta support. As client are compatible with it since
Mercurial 1.9 (4.5 years ago) I do no expect any significant compatibility
Siddharth Agarwal
shelve: use colon instead of quotes in 'changes to' description

If detailed conflict markers are enabled and the closing quote gets truncated,
editors will often screw syntax highlighting up from that point because they'll
see an opening quote and think it's the beginning of a string.

In tests, the hashes change because the commit messages of the shelved bundles
also change.
Siddharth Agarwal
merge.applyupdates: create absentfilectxes for change/delete conflicts

At the moment no change/delete conflicts get to this point -- we're going to
make that happen in an upcoming patch.
Siddharth Agarwal
mergestate: add methods to queue files to remove, add or get

These are meant for use by custom merge drivers that might want to modify the
dirstate. Dirstate internal consistency rules require that all removes happen
before any adds -- this means that custom merge drivers shouldn't be modifying
the dirstate directly.
Siddharth Agarwal
resolve: record dirstate actions after performing resolutions

Some resolutions might lead to pending actions we need to perform in the
dirstate -- so perform them.
Siddharth Agarwal
mergestate: add a way to record pending dirstate actions

We're going to use this in resolve in the next patch.
Siddharth Agarwal
merge.recordupdates: don't require action keys to be present in dict

We're going to use this function for a much smaller set of actions in the next
patch. It's easier to do this than to backfill the dict we pass in.
Augie Fackler
histedit: constant-ify the constraints list

Used a class as a namespace, and then wired up a classmethod to return
all known constraints. I'm mostly happy with this, even though it's
kind of weird for hg.
Mateusz Kwapich
histedit: add an experimental base action

This is a first (very simple) version of the histedit base action.
It works well in common usecases like rebasing the whole stack and
spliting the stack.

I don't see any obvious edge cases - but probably there is more than one.
That's why I want to keep it behind experimental.histeditng config knob
for now. I think on knob for all new histedit behaviors is better because
we will test all of them together and testers will need to turn it on only
once to get all new nice things.
Mateusz Kwapich
histedit: add abortdirty function

Small helper function for aborting histedit when left with dirty working
Mateusz Kwapich
histedit: add forceother constraint

For the future 'base' action in histedit we need a verification
constraint which will not allow using this action with changes
that are currently edited.
Mateusz Kwapich
histedit: make verification configurable

Before we can add a 'base' action to histedit need to change verification
so that action can specify which steps of verification should run for it.

Also it's everything we need for the exec and stop actions implementation.

I thought about baking verification into each histedit action (so each
of them is responsible for verifying its constraints) but it felt wrong
- every action would need to know its context (eg. the list of all other
- a lot of duplicated work will be added - each action will iterate through
  all others
- the steps of the verification would need to be extracted and named anyway
  in order to be reused

The verifyrules function grows too big now. I plan to refator it in one of
the next series.
Anton Shestakov
paper: show current revision on file log page

Most of the pages in paper (and coal) style show the current revision and its
branch, tags and bookmarks. Let's also show all this on file log page.
Siddharth Agarwal
merge.applyupdates: extend action queues with ones returned from mergestate

These queues will always be empty at the moment -- we're going to fill them up
in upcoming patches.
Siddharth Agarwal
mergestate: add a method to compute actions to perform on dirstate

We're going to use this to extend the action lists in merge.applyupdates.

The somewhat funky return value is to make passing this dict directly into
recordactions easier. We're going to exploit that in an upcoming patch.
Siddharth Agarwal
merge.applyupdates: use counters from mergestate

This eliminates a whole bunch of duplicate code and allows us to update the
removed count for change/delete conflicts where the delete action was chosen.
Siddharth Agarwal
mergestate: add a function to return the number of unresolved files

Note that unlike the other functions, this is based on the persistent