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Matt Harbison
test-obsolete: use 'log -T {node}' instead of 'id --debug -i' to lookup hash

I ran into a case when adding a test where there were cryptic hg command line
errors.  I eventually traced it back to 'hg id' printing debug messages before
the hash:

    invalid branchheads cache (served): tip differs <hash>

This method should eliminate any other output except the node.
Matt Mackall
merge with stable
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Martin von Zweigbergk
manifest: rename 'mf', 'map', and 'mapping' to 'm'

We mostly call manifest variables 'm', so let's use that in
manifest.py too. This makes it clearer that the variables do, in fact,
contain manifestsdict instances and never a plain dict.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Martin von Zweigbergk
manifest: make copy logic local to copy()

The optional arguments to the manfifestdict constructor are only used
by copy(), so assign the fields from that method instead so it's clear
that the arguments are not used for anything else.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Matt Harbison
extensions: indicate loaded for an immediately called afterload callback

Otherwise, there's no way to tell between the immediate callback when it is
already loaded, and when the extension is not loaded at all.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Gregory Szorc
tests: add test showing tags cache drops filtered heads (issue4550)

The tags cache can lose .hgtags filenode entries for filtered heads. Add
a test demonstrating this (bad) behavior.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Gregory Szorc
tags: write tags cache deterministically

An upcoming test verifies content of the .hg/cache/tags file. During
testing, inconsistent output was observed. This is the result of
iterating over a dictionary.

Throw a sorted() around tags entries to ensure .hg/cache/tags is written
deterministically so test output is stable.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Mateusz Kwapich
histedit: add --edit-plan option to histedit

--edit-plan allows user to edit remaining histedit rules in the middle of
histedit process
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Mateusz Kwapich
histedit: generalize makedesc

Allow makedesc to generate description for any action - not only pick.
(to be used in histedit --edit-plan)
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Mateusz Kwapich
histedit: extract method ruleeditor

Extract functionality of editing histedit rules to separate method so we can
reuse it in upcoming --edit-plan option.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Jordi GutiƩrrez Hermoso
churn: deprecate -t option in favour of -T

We use -T consistently elsewhere to refer to the --template option.
The old -t option is now renamed to --oldtemplate so that -t still
works. This has the benign side effect of introducing and immediately
deprecating a new long option.

We also test with both -t and -T options.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Thomas Arendsen Hein
pull: print "pulling from foo" before accessing the other repo

1. This is consistent with pushing.
2. This allows to see the URL of the other repo in case accessing the repo
  fails, e.g. wrong ssh path or issues with the https certificate, without
  using --debug or showconfig paths.

Additionally add test for this in the context of ssh with a wrong path.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Siddharth Agarwal
error.LookupError: rename 'message' property to something else

At least some installs of Python 2.6+ complain with:

    mercurial/error.py:26: DeprecationWarning: BaseException.message has been
        deprecated as of Python 2.6

This patch renames the property away from 'message' so that Python no longer
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Anton Shestakov
hgweb: use introrev() for finding parents (issue4506)

The issue is titled "filtered revision 'XXX' (not in 'served' subset)" and that
is the error message you sometimes get when trying to look at a file (/file or
/annotate) in hgweb. For example:


This happens when a parent revision for a file is hidden, thus it is
not 'served' and isn't accessible in hgweb by default. When hgweb tries to
access such changeset, it produces the error and HTTP status code 404.

Another detail is that the parents() function, that is used in multiple places
in hgweb, sometimes returned changesets that were obsoleted by the current
changeset for the file. For example, when using rebase with evolve and rebasing
a divergent changeset that introduces a file on top of current branch. Or
grafting a change and making the new grafted changeset obsolete the source
(shown in the test case). The result is the same - the obsoleted changeset was
mistakingly returned from parents(), even though it's not a parent and the only
link to the new changeset is an obsoletion marker (and rebase/graft metadata?
not sure it matters).

The problem is fixed by using introrev() instead of linkrev() for finding
parents. This prevents parents() function from returning unrelated obsolete

The test case prepares a separate repo because (afaict) all other test cases
never reuse file names, so there are no files that were changed in multiple
changesets. So no previously available files have obsolete changesets in their
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Matt Harbison
subrepo: drop unused pattern initialization in hgsubrepo revert

This passed an empty list to filerevert() if '--all' was specified, otherwise
the set of modified files.  But then filerevert() immediately switched this and
reinitialized 'pats' to an empty list if '--all' was *not* specified.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Matt Harbison
revert: display full subrepo output with --dry-run

Since the point of --dry-run is to show what will happen, the output with and
without it should agree.  And since revert wasn't being called on subrepos with
--dry-run before, revert in the subrepo had to be defanged in this case.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Matt Harbison
largefiles: don't warn when reverting a forgotten largefile

Previously, when a largefile is forgotten and then reverted, a warning was

  $ hg revert -R subrepo subrepo/large.txt
  file not managed: subrepo/large.txt (glob)

This was purely cosmetic as the file itself actually was reverted.

The problem was even with all of the matcher patching, the largefile pattern
given on the command line wasn't converted to a standin because the standin was
neither in ctx nor wctx.  This causes the named largefile to be added to the
'names' dict in cmdutil.revert() in the repo walk at line 2550.  The warning was
printed out when the 'names' dict is iterated, because the file was specified

Since core revert recurses into subrepos and largefiles only overrides the
revert method in commands.py, it doesn't work properly when reverting a subrepo.
However, it still will recurse into the subrepo and call the installed matcher
method, so lfdirstate is reopened for the current repo level to prevent any new
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Matt Harbison
subrepo: annotate addremove with @annotatesubrepoerror
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Durham Goode
histedit: don't recreate state object

Previously, the histedit state object was being recreated during continue/abort.
This meant that the locks that were held on the original state object were not
available to actions, which meant actions could not release the lock on the
repository (like an 'exec' action would need to do).

This affected our internal extension that added the 'exec' action.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Anton Shestakov
hgweb: clearly outline <tr> block in paper/changeset.tmpl

This particular <tr> block should use the style of its neighboring blocks,
otherwise it's easy to think that the closing '</tr>' is missing.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Anton Shestakov
hgweb: don't mix tabs and spaces in monoblue templates
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Anton Shestakov
hgweb: remove unneeded escaping in gitweb/map and monoblue/map

Elements in map files work slightly different from regular python strings, so
escaping single quotes is not necessary. It is also demonstrated by the very
same lines: '(current diff)'.

I should've made this in 9e1f4c65f5f5, but here we go.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Yuya Nishihara
resolve: port to generic templater

Test output changes because color labels are applied separately.
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio
Yuya Nishihara
resolve: extract -l/--list operation from big loop

This prepares for porting to generic templater.  repo.wlock() and ms.commit()
should be unnecessary for "resolve -l".
  • hg tests (stable): updating -  stdio